Quit smoking

So how do I quit smoking?

Here, at the Most Addictive Drug, we have smokers, non-smokers, and people who used to smoke and succeeded in quitting. Probably every regular smoker spends tons of time thinking about whether he should or should not quit smoking or is even trying to quit at this exact moment. In the 21st century there is a huge amount of methods and techniques to quit smoking, we’ve tried most of them and below we will share our experiences.


Power of Will

Most of the smokers tried this method. “I am strong so I can quit!”, “I will save a lot of money if I quit.”, “If I last 1 week without cigarettes, I will be free from them.”, “I can bet money on quitting.” and a lot of other phrases that every smoker tells to himself when he tries to quit. The main problem of this method is that you are not psychologically ready to quit, you see cigarettes as something neutral or good, or just as a habit. You start to compensate the lack of nicotine in your blood by eating more, drinking more or acquiring some other bad habits. Most probably you see a cigarette as some support, as a cure, as a joy. When you are quitting cigarettes, you feel like you have lost something so you try to compensate. For this reasons you gain weight, get drinking or illegal drugs problems, become nervous. In the end of a day, you get back to the cigarettes, but now you want them even more than before. This method most probably will not work for most of you, and we not joking. Some of the site editors quitted more than 2 years ago, and before that their power of will was put for a test many times. You may believe that you will never go back to smoking, you can even stay smoke-free for months, but most of the will powered quitters start the bad habit again.

Gums, Sprays and Other Cigarette Substitutes

They all can help you…For some time. Maybe you will not want a cigarette anymore. But there is only one problem – you still get nicotine into your bloodstream. This means that you quitted smoking but you are still addicted to the nicotine – the main reason why people smoke. After some time you will probably have even harder time quitting sprays and gums than cigarettes. Would you consider yourself heroin-free if you stopped shooting it, but started smoking it? Nope, and so you shouldn’t do the same with nicotine.


Basically, they are the same as all other nicotine products, but this way you continue inhaling vapor. Okay, there are fluids without nicotine, but it will take you a lot of time to get used to them. Frequently we hear “E-cigs are great, but the smoke is different, so I have normal cigarette from time to time.”. Incredible how most of us enjoy fooling ourselves in order to get additional puff of nicotine-filled smoke. No doubt e-cigs can be useful for some people to reduce the nicotine consumption. Also, electronic cigarettes may even help you quitting smoking at all. In the worst case, you will just enjoy e-cigs, while they are still harmful for you health, so the call is yours.

Wait, so how do I quit this stuff?

There is only one proven way – use your brain. First thing you have to do is to understand that cigarettes and other nicotine-containing products are drugs. You are just addicted to nicotine, second most addictive drug, stop your internal monologue, admit it. It is not a habit, it is not a social element, it is just something you cannot live without.

Second step is difficult, it requires some thinking. You have to understand that there is nothing good in cigarettes, absolutely nothing. They are not some cure from depression, not pills to relieve the stress, and you don’t become cooler if you smoke, no, you don’t. Ciggies don’t bring anything good into your life, they take your time, smell of you parfumes, your money, and your health. Ironic, huh?

The last step, after you understood that there is nothing good in your habit, is to learn that the whole quitting process shouldn’t be tough. The irony is that actually quitting is easy. You will not feel bad about quitting (if you admit that there was never anything good in cigarettes), you will not gain weight (since you do not need to make new habits, there is absolutely no reason), you will just move on. Believe me, you will feel much better every day you do not smoke, just stop thinking that you need a cigarette to enjoy something or to deal with the stress, you don’t! Just make the right choice, and do not smoke, ever again, it does not give you anything good. It doesn’t!

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