Quit drinking

So how do I quit drinking?

Whether you have been on a binge for a while and want stop, or just looking for the best way to stop drinking for a limited time, quitting drinking is never easy. The main reason for this is that the alcohol has became a part of our lifestyle. Can you imagine yourself having soft drinks at a club? What else will you do on your birthday, a tea party? As we had a couple of excessive drinkers in our community, we will guide you through quitting process but you should understand that the main task depends on you. Below you will find 3 recommendations, and adhering to these 3 steps to quit drinking will definitely help you.


Social Resistance

Its important to understand that drinking has become a social activity and once you decide to quit, you will be checked or even challenged by people around you. Be prepared. The best way to quit drinking is to not let people get you into it. Whenever you are partying, have a glass of non alcoholic drink next to you. The less it is recognizable, the better. Whenever you are approached directly, like “hey, come on, let’s have a shot”, simply refuse without many words, so this won’t become a topic of the talk.

If you just have mates that have drinking as a habit, also try not to get in the conversations about it whenever you see them. Alternatively you can try drinking non alcoholic beer.

If everything above doesn’t work, simply switch your interests or the people that surround you.

Life won’t be the same…

Yes, and you have to face it. You used to see the world and some of its inhabitants drunk, and it would be quite difficult to see it sober. If you still spend time often with the people that drink heavily, some stuff would be hard to comprehend.

Sometimes you would actually feel that people that drink are a little bit happier, and this is sad. Maybe even true. This feel kinda seems like Good Ol’ Times, and you sure miss this sometimes. Don’t worry, you will feel much better the day after.

There is nothing to do with this except of facing the truth. As almost everyone drinks, you life would be somehow incomplete if you are unable to a proper substitution.

A Proper Substitution

Drinking is both an activity and a product. If you are unable to substitute it, you will not feel comfortable, which is not good. To avoid this, you must fully understand what you want.

Looking to continue partying and being around drinkers? Find a drink that you still can enjoy, like alcohol free mojito, non alcoholic beer or some great sort of tea for the bar lovers.

You can also explore the world of legal and illegal drugs to find a proper substitution to make you feel different. Just don’t make a habit out of anything, best way to do it is not to do one thing more than once a month, including cannabis.

If you are not that problematic, just try to reward yourself for the days you are not drinking…you will save some money on drinking too, so you can easily afford one of the best restaurant once a week or a new XBOX game.

Is it that simple?

Well, actually not. Quitting drinking is difficult, you will have a lot of moment when you feel like giving up or just rewarding yourself with a shot or a glass of a cold one. This requires a huge power of ill, however drinking doesn’t have such physical addiction as smoking, so as long as you can handle it mentally, you will have no problem quitting.

Adhering to our 3 rules of cutting on drinking will definitely help you to reduce or even quit drinking. Just remember, don’t let others get you into drinking and do you best to avoid being pushed into it! If you can’t handle people around you – change the surroundings. Face that you not gonna be having drunk experiences, that’s it. Find something that makes you feel better, and the healthier that is, the better. Now you have more time (no hangovers) and more money!

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