LSD – commonly known as “acid” – is an extremely potent hallucinogenic drug. The well-known abbreviation stands for “lysergic acid diethylamide,” and the drug was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann in 1938. Hofmann later discovered the psychedelic properties of his creation in 1943, which led LSD to be introduced in 1957 as a drug with psychiatric uses.


LSD was famously scrutinized by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the 1950s for its potential uses in mind-control and chemical warfare applications. The agency’s MKULTRA research program propagated use of the drug throughout members of the military and students; when recreational use of LSD exploded during the 1960s, the drug’s prohibition soon followed.

LSD as a recreational drug is most often taken in form of colored blotters which are put on your tongue. Sometimes this drug is mixed with alcohol and consumed.

How does LSD kick?

The psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects of the drug are typically what is being sought by recreational users, with results including animated sensory perceptions, memories, and emotions for up to 14 hours. Auditory and visual hallucinations are common, and it’s typical for users to report that static, inanimate objects around them appear to move about and take on “a life of their own.”

LSD is also considered an entheogen, which means that users will often experience a cognitive change on a “spiritual” level. This includes a feeling of deep connection to “the cosmos” or “the greater spiritual order.” Out of body experiences are also reported and fall into this realm of pseudo-spiritual experience.

Legal status of LSD

LSD is illegal in almost every country. For example, in the USA, UK and Canada you will easily get into jail for manufacturing, selling or using LSD. So you should be aware of this before you start messing around with LSD.

It is allowed to have LSD with you in Czech Republic, but other countries prohibit it.

Should I try?

Actually, it totally depends. Here, at Most Addictive Drug, we do not see anything bad in trying it. Just be sure that you want it and somebody will help you in case of any troubles. Also, be ready to get some long term flashbacks, which can last for hours. Which is kind of scary.

Despite all of the perceived benefits of LSD use – including possibility of gaining philosophical insight – there are dangers that weigh in. Mental disorders and suicide are commonly linked to use of the drug, and LSD-induced psychosis (with dangerous results) is a very real danger. So be aware, that if you get addicted to it or overdo it – nothing good will be there for you.

But, clearly, the call is yours, you want it – you do it!

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