This is a morphine based drug, an opioid analgesic, which is produced out of opium poppy plant. Discovered by Alder Wright in 1874, the drug has been gaining some popularity due to its high level of adictivity. In most of the recreational and habitual cases, heroin is injected directly to your veins, however it is also possible to inhale it. For medical purposes heroin had to be taken orally, which provided almost no trip.


Also known as smack, black, H, horse, brown sugar and tar on the streets, the heroin market is primarily dominated by Afghanistan. Even though the drug is banned in almost every country, it has the largest amount of users in Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, and Iran.

Quick History

Invented almost 150 years ago in the UK, heroin hasn’t become popular at the beginning. Its popularity started to roll out in the beginning of 1900’s and that’s when this substance actually got to be called heroin, driven by german “heroisch”, which stands for strong and heroic.

For about 10 years since then, heroin was openly sold as cough medicine in Europe. In the US, this drug has been easily obtainable till 1924, however, only in 1928 it was banned worldwide.

Even though it has been initially marketed as something that could cure you, heroin obtained most of its popularity due to the recreational usage from 1950’s, which quickly grew into a habitual use.


How does heroin kick?

Heroin has a strong effect, this is why it is so addictive. As Mark Renton explained in the Trainspotting “Take the best orgasm you’ve ever had… multiply it by a thousand, and you’re still nowhere near it”.

This drug gives you euphoria combined with the general feel of a reward. On top of this, your brain starts to crave for it, which results in a high level of addiction. Heroin works fast, so you are feeling it kicking in just a few seconds after injection. Next to a euphoric rush, you will get dry mouth, itching and flushing of the skin. Heroin is a fully tripping drug, you will get your mind clouded and breathing slowed, so this is not a drug that makes you do any stuff whatsoever.


Shall I try?

Even though our site is quite liberal in terms of recreational drug usage, we strongly advise against coming any closer to heroin. Around 1 out of 4 heroin triers becomes lifetime addict, and as you may understand, the lifetime is not that long. Usually, a heroin addict can hardly achieve over 5 years of tripping.

Besides that, heroin costs quite a fortune. Just imagine that instead of your daily dose of milk and corn flakes you would have to begin your day with a shot…or with looking to get money for a shot. In the developed world, a gram of heroin may cost you from 30 USD (Israel) to 720 USD (New Zealand).

Needless to say, HIV and other types of deadly disease are quite common among heroin users, so better be a good boy and say no to heroin.

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One thought on “Heroin

  1. Believe me heroin is not to be messed with. I’ve been an addict for about 5 years now and my life is a living he’ll. Waking up early every morning to go stand in the freeway to hustle money so I won’t be sick for the day. I wish I could quit I’ve lost everything because of it. Fuck heroin

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