Ecstasy or molly, is man-made drug that produces an energizing effect commonly used in dance parties, night clubs musical festivals. This drug is popularly known as Club drug, lover’s speed, love drug and Molly.


It is taken orally, usually in the form of tablet or capsule and it approximately effect for 3 to 6 hours. Typically each tablet comprise between 60 and 120 milligram of MDMA.

The pill or tablets are of different colors and cartoon like images have on it. Few people take more than one pill at a time and this called bumping. Ecstasy is moreover famous as molly which is a slang of “molecular”; this refers to crystalline powder formula of MDMA. Researchers have inquired that ecstasy contain some other drugs in accumulation to MDMA. That is severely harmful. In order to produce energizing effect makers of Ecstasy might add caffeine, amphetamines, Cocaine or PCP to the pills, capsule or tablets. Sometime they substitute MDMA with chemicals that are used in bath salt i.e. Cathinones..

How does ecstasy kick?

Short-term effects of the ecstasy include euphoria, sexual tension, increase of social abilities  and inner peace. The kick starts within one hour after consumption and lasts for up to 4 hours. Sometimes ecstasy can cause hallucinations, but it mostly depends on the amount of other substances in the pill.

Long term effects include increased blood pressure, muscular tension, teeth tightening, fever, blurred vision that is accompanied by faintness, extreme coldness or hotness. It can also lead to kidney failure and brain damage.

Is ecstasy legal?

Ecstasy or MDMA is illegal everywhere, but in some European countries you can get away with “just for personal use” answer. But at this moment there are no countries that declared it legal or decriminalized.

Should I try ecstasy?

It is not like anything bad will happen to you if you try it once, so why not? Just try to get it from reliable person so there would be no additions inside your pill. And do not overdo it 🙂

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