Crack cocaine

You know what is cocaine and how it is made. So this article is not about normal cocaine, it is about one the one form of cocaine that you should, probably, stay away from: crack cocaine!

Crack cocaine

Crack cocaine is the form of cocaine that makes a cracking sound when you heat it. The addition to crack cocaine has become one of the biggest issues among modern world people. It has been identified that people who are addicted to crack cocaine will do anything for the sake of getting the drug. Crack cocaine addiction can be found in every corner of the world and among all levels of the society, including poor and rich.

How does LSD kick?

The short term mental and physical effects that take place as a result of crack cocaine include increased heart rate, loss of appetite, euphoria and energy kick. As for negative short term effects, nausea, dilated pupils, constricted peripheral blood vessels, depression and anxiety and increased body temperature are the most common ones.

The long term effects include sweating, mood disturbance, addiction, severe depression, sexual dysfunction, malnutrition, weight loss, severe tooth decay, problems with breathing. Crack cocaine can also damage genitals, liver, lungs and kidneys.

What makes crack cocaine so addictive?

Crack can be defined as the most potent and active form of cocaine. It is over 80% pure and much stronger than regular cocaine. This form is equipped with a solid block structure as well. All these factors have contributed towards the extremely addictive nature of crack cocaine.

People who consume crack cocaine will have to experience a wide range of health issues. Right after inhaling, the harmful chemicals that can be found in crack cocaine will go directly into your lungs. Then the lungs will pass those chemicals into your blood stream and they will go all the way to your brain. This can lead you to a large number of mental and physical illnesses. Scientists have figured out that crack cocaine is the main reason behind psychological disorders among humans. Consuming this form of cocaine in large amounts can lead you towards comas, nervous disorders and even death. The pleasure delivered by crack cocaine can last only for about five minutes. After that, the person will be left with extreme depression. Therefore, you will tend to consume more and more of it, which can ruin your financial wealth as well.

Should I try?

Well, as you can see, crack cocaine has the potential to ruin your entire life. Also, there are more fun drugs, so you should not concentrate on crack. If you want you can go ahead and try cocaine powder, but there is absolutely no reason to go to crack.

Many crack cocaine addicts find it as a hard task to get rid of their addiction. There isn’t any treatment method that can deliver 100% positive results for crack cocaine addicts.

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