Cocaine is one of the most popular high-class club drugs. It is categorized as stimulant drug, meaning that this drug increases travel-to-response ratio between body and brain. It is also known as coke, dust, blow, snow, and the first .

Cocaine is produced from leaves of coca bush (“Erythroxylum coca” and “Erythroxylum novogranatense”) and is recognized in three main post-production forms:

  • Freebase – purest form of cocaine, usually pure-white powder.
  • Crack – crystals in color range from transparent-white to light yellow-pink.
  • Hydrochloride cocaine – white powder with slightly bitter aftertaste. It is usually mixed with white instances like powder or lactose before selling with a purpose of increasing weight.


While it is prohibited to grow cocaine, in most of the European countries the level of tolerance is quite high, hence you will be able to get away with no problems if you just have small amount for personal use. ​​Cocaine, in the form of hydrochloride cocaine, is usually snorted, but it can be also added to some food and drinks. Freebase and crack, in contrast, are commonly smoked. All forms of cocaine can be injected into bloodstream.

Quick History.

Leaves of coca has been part of South-American culture for more than one thousand years. Since Spanish invasion in Peru in 1532, coca leaves were given as a tonic and control-pill to workers on the silver mines.

Cocaine was extracted from coca leave in 1859 by german scientist Albert Nieman. In 1884 Zigmund Freud published an article “Über Coca”, in which he recommended cocaine as tonic, antidepressant, and cure from sexual disfunction.

Since 1886 till 1903 cocaine was one of the main Coca-Cola ingredients thanks to its’ energy effects. At the same time it was promoted by drug-stores and doctors as a medicine from snuffle and depression.

Cocaine was banned it the United States in 1922 due to increasing number of cocaine-related deaths.

Since cocaine is a stimulant its’ main effects are connected with increased brain and body functions.

How does it kick?

The main effects of the cocaine are:

  • Happiness
  • Increased sexual function
  • Increased pain barrier
  • Low appetite
  • Increased physical and mental abilities
  • Increased energy
  • Increased socializing skills


Legal status.

Cocaine is banned in all the countries except for Peru and Bolivia. It is allowed to grow coca bushes for traditional consumption but the production of cocaine is prohibited.

Annual consumption of cocaine varies between 600 and 650 tons. Half of this amount is consumed in the United States. The value of US cocaine market is around $40 billion.

Shall I try it?

Here at Most Addictive Drug, we would love to recommend you to TRY cocaine, but you have to understand that the choice is yours. What you have to understand is that cocaine is highly addictive and can lead to irrevocable consequences if used often, however it is a great drug for an occasional use. The main rule of cocaine – don’t overdo it. Cocaine makes you hungry for it and that’s why you always want more and more (even within the same night), so the best advice is – before you make a line, think of the maximum amount of lines you gonna do and stick to it! Have fun!


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