Cannabis is one of the most common light drugs. It is also known as: ganja, hash, marijuana, weed, pot, Mary Jane, dope, stoner, hashish, green and many more.

Three common forms of cannabis are marijuana, hashish, and hash oil, while the main active ingredient in all of them remains the same – THC aka tetrahydrocannabinol.

cannabis plant

Mostly, cannabis is smoked via the variety of methods, the popular one is a good ol’ joint. Depending on your personal preferences you can smoke weed from a bong, pipe or even an apple. Nowadays a new method of inhaling weed has become quite “healthy” and popular – a vaporizer.

Smoking hashish works fine when rolled in a joint, although there are many other techniques. Ranging from the ancient double hot knives to an easy-modern ciggy and a bottle.

Not only cannabis could be smoked, but you can also digest it in a form of a food or a drink. The effect of eaten pot usually appears after one hour, for this reason it is easy to get overdosed or underdosed if you eat it. Effect of smoked weed appears momentarily after smoking.

Cooking with marijuana and hash oils are advanced user choices, hence we are not covering them in this post.


We have seen numerous states legalizing weed in the last years, while it some countries like the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal and many more, cannabis is totally decriminalised.

How does cannabis kick?

It is not an easy question. Cannabis is generally an enhancement drug, hence it will just enhance your feelings. If you are doing it in a state of happiness – most probably you will feel happier. Smoking pot when depressed can actually get you even more depressed and paranoid. This is especially true when doing it for the first times, some people are a bit afraid of smoking it and because of this they become paranoid of their intense heart beat and sore throat.


Also, the kick of cannabis depends on the strain you smoke. Generally, you can subdivide the stains into sativa, indica and hybrid, the last one being the most dominant on the market. As a rule, you can encounter different types of Hybrid, at some indica is the dominant part, at some sativa and other strains can be 50/50.

To generalize, sativa makes you high and doesn’t mind you doing things. Perfect for outdoors.

Indica makes you stoned and helps you chilling. It is perfect for being a coach potato.

Another factor that would determine the kick is the amount of your experience. Whenever I was starting with weed, I had very great time laughing. Next day my cheeks and stomach were hurting coz of laugh. The food tastes different, the sound hears in a new way too. Being a smoker with over 10 years of experience now I can say that the effects remained similar, but faded away quite a lot, especially the “laughing” magic.

Legal status of cannabis

At this time there are three different legal statuses of cannabis, depending on the country or a state: legal, legal for medical use and illegal.


Also, there are countries where cannabis is either decriminalized or tolerated. However, you should get to know the law of a country before smoking pot in public, if you mess something up, don’t blame it on us 🙂

Legal marijuana: The Netherlands, Uruguay, US states of Washington and Colorado.

Legal for medical usage: Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, some US states.

Illegal: Other countries.

Cannabis is decriminalized, mostly in the countries of Southern Europe – Italy, Spain, Portugal.

A special word has to be said about Asian countries. While in some countries like India and Vietnam you can easily get away with a small amount of weed, in the majority of the Asian countries you will get into a very big trouble, hence we recommend you to avoid smoking when going for your next Asian trip.

Should I try?

Being a weed user with over 10 years of experience and I can only tell you YES! As with other drugs, weed is not for everyone and the chances you not gonna enjoy it are still here. Nevertheless, marijuana doesn’t cause fatal consequences, in fact it doesn’t harm you in any way. The worst thing that could happen to you if you get overdosed is that you fall asleep. And trust me, this sleep will be deep, long and pleasant 🙂


Do NOT overdo weed. What is best about smoking pot is that you can roll a joint, light it up, suck on it for a little and see how high you got. If you don’t feel that you arrived to the decent level, you can smoke a bit more. So take it easy and don’t be afraid of weed, it is just a plant that makes you high.

Important thing to remember. Stack up with water, candies, pringles and all other types of snacks or have a delivery number next to you when you are getting high. You never know when munchies are going to kick in!

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