What is caffeine?


Caffeine is the most popular stimulant drug in the world. Most people assume that caffeine exists only in coffee and coffee-based product but this assumption is incorrect. There are three most common sources of caffeine, namely coffee beans, tea leaves and guarana plants. While coffee and tea plants are well-known to everybody, most of people do not know that guarana plants are used in the production of energy drinks, energy bars, chocolate bars, snacks and other beverages.

Amount of caffeine in popular products

Coffee (espresso)

100-110 mg

Coffee (decaffeinated)

2-5 mg

Tea (medium brew)

80-120 mg

Energy drink (guarana-based)

50-80 mg

Milk chocolate (55 gr)

5-20 mg

Dark chocolate (55 gr)

40-50 mg

Cola (can)

40-50 mg

Quick History

Caffeine-containing plants have been used for more than a thousand years. The usage of such plants started in the Ethiopia and spreaded over the world after the development of boats and beginning of the era of sea-travelers. Another story suggests that Chinese emperor got some tea leaves blown into his cup of a hot water and he found out this drink to be tasty and give additional energy to the body.

As a pure white substance, caffeine was firstly extracted from the coffee-beans in the 1820 by German chemists Friedrich Runge.


What about caffeine kick?

Since caffeine is a stimulant drug, the main effects of it are energy boost, increase in brain activity, increased heart rate and higher body temperature. There are no superior kicks from caffeine even in high doses.

People tend to use caffeine in order to get up in the morning or as a way to keep yourself awake at night. Every next dose of caffeine taken in the short period of time (less than 12 hours) gives diminishing kick. High doses of caffeine can lead to depression, lack of concentration, anxiety, and restless feeling.

Shall I try?

Here, at Most Addictive Drug, we do not really believe that there exists a person (in the reasonable age), who has never tried any caffeine-containing product. But if you didn’t – you certainly should. It is definitely not because of the effects, or not only because of them, it is due to the great taste of such products and their availability. Most of the people do not drink tea for kick, they just enjoy the taste of it.

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