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Some people would doubt that alcohol is a drug, because it has been legal and heavily consumed for ages. Being easily accessible and highly popular, alcohol has not only become a “bad habit” of billions, but it has also integrated with the majority of the cultures.

Most of the nations have their special drink, like russian Vodka, French Cognac, Belgium Beer or even sweet Brazilian invention – Caipirinha. Same goes for celebration, what New Year’s Eve passes without a glass of champagne?


Even though most of have had a lot of alcohol experiences, the largest part of us don’t know about its scientific side. The stuff that makes us see double is actually called Ethanol, its chemical formula is CH3CH2OH and it is made out of overripe fruits. The later is the main reason for alcohol taste. As fruits, vegetables, grains and others are different, so do the taste of alcohol and its strength. It is impossible to find a drink mostly made out of Ethanol and if you are able to find one, think twice, because it can be deadly. Most of the drinks contain from 5% to 42% of Ethanol, and this what determines the power of the kick.

Quick history

Of course people didn’t all got to party at once. On the territory of modern China alcohol has been available as of 7000 BC. Indians got to convert their rice into booze only four thousand years later, at 3000 BC. Generally saying, alcohol drinks have been gaining popularity quite rapidly and this is why we can see alcohol Gods being created in Babylon and ancient Greece, followed by making wine drinking a part of the Jesus culture.


As of then alcohol drinks have started to be popularized and commercialized, while being used mostly for the medical purposes. You may imagine how dirty was the water that time, this is why fermented drinks were much more cleaner and safer to drink. In 18th century alcohol even received an encouragement from the British Parliament, stating that the spirits should be added to the water, and hence making gin and other drinks much more widespread than even today.

Even though this resulted in fights with alcohol centuries later, alcohol was also saving lives. For example, during the times of plague the population of England has decreased a lot, while most of the English monks weren’t contaminated. That wasn’t the power of God that made them live, but the power of beer. The monks drunk only beer that time, hence they didn’t catch the deadly disease when consuming water.

How does alcohol kick?

As a drug, alchohol is user friendly. This means that with alcohol you can easily assume how high you gonna get when you estimate your drinking amounts. In most of the cases you can know your the line, crossing which may cause texting your ex, surprises and some super powers initiations. Also, alcohol kicks in quite steadily and quickly, so in 30 minutes after consuming a few shots, you can already fill it. The influence of alcohol lasts for quite long and in most of the cases you end up going to sleep drunk (and sometimes waking up drunk too). This is so because the alcohol steadily goes out from your body and doesn’t really have an “expiration period” as other drugs.


In general, alcohol helps you take things a bit more easy, it relaxes you and makes you boost the confidence. Mainly for this reason alcohol has become the most popular club drug, and quite a common reason for sexual events (sometimes not with hottest people).

Mostly alcohol harms your liver, and also it influences the stuff in your head and your heart rate. This is why you sweat more when drunk and when super drunk, have problems seeing clear, remembering or simply walking in a straight line. As alcohol is toxic, the after-taste of this drug is horrible. Commonly known as a hangover, intoxication of alcohol may take the whole day from you, usually accompanied with quite some headache and cat-piss feeling in the mouth.

Legal Status of Alcohol

Even though wine, beer, whiskey and vodka are common everywhere, there are still some countries that see Alcohol as a serious drug and hence prohibit its consumption. Generally, this prohibition has more religious roots than cultural, as most of the countries with the prohibition are muslim states.

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei
  • Some states of India
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Mauritania
  • Pakistan
  • Emirate of Sharjah in United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Kuwait
  • Yemen

In the most mentioned countries the alcohol is prohibited from the consumption of the LOCALS. This means that a foreigner can still get drunk in the hotel (probably for a great price too) by presenting his passport or purchasing a certain alcohol permission.


As you can get drunk now almost anywhere, it is worth mentioning that a century ago there were some war on the booze. US was keeping its citizens sober for over 10 years, between 1920 and 1933. Countries like Russia, Hungary, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Canada and more had been prohibiting alcohol in early 20th century.

Should I try?

Our editors have been drinking alcohol for many many years and we have been quitting it, starting over, limiting the strength of the drinks for many years as well. If you are of the age of drinking, that we are certain you already tried. Even if you are not, most probably you tasted it too and if you haven’t tried alcohol yet – one day you will for sure. There is nothing bad in trying out alcohol, as it doesn’t cause addiction over the short-term use.


What is important to note is that alcohol is harmful, it kills your lives, changes your DNA and you have a high risk of dangerous stuff happening to you when very drunk. This is why we would advise you to limit the use of alcohol, avoid getting wasted (know your limits) or simply quite the god damned thing.

Consuming alcohol is like borrowing happiness from tomorrow, and sometimes it can cause irrevocable consequences. We see alcohol as quite a heavy drug, especially in terms of being a “mental crutch” and becoming your lifetime addiction. This is why we recommend you to avoid using it as a party drug. If you like the taste of alcohol, try to limit yourself to small portions. If you are too afraid to try other party drugs and alcohol is your only choice – DO NOT MIX, try to find one substance and go with it the whole night combining with an occasional glass of water to keep your body hydrated.

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